Friday, August 27, 2004

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The Parents and the Republicans

My parents have arrived in the Big Apple.

We're having a grand old time doing the tourist thing in NY. That is, when we're not getting stuck in traffic jams and dodging road barricades, heightened security, cops, National Guards and protestors in the street. Yes, the Republicans are conventioning here for the next few days.

So I'll be back next week. Meanwhile, in honor of the Republican National Convention, amuse yourselves with Will Ferrell's impression of George W. Bush.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

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Frau Farbissina

I figured out why Creepy Downstairs Hippie Guy Neighbor is always bothering me.

Apparently, life is not good for him. Yesterday I saw him with his live-in girlfriend. She looks like Frau Farbissina, but meaner. And blonde. And chain smoking.

When I walk past their door, it often smells like sauerkraut. And sometimes when I'm in the hallway, I hear her yelling in an unintelligible mixture of what could either be German or Russian.

I wonder what his mom looks like...


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

      ( 9:12 AM ) teahouse
Mets! Mets!!

Last night I skipped out of work early to go to Shea Stadium and watch the New York Mets lose badly to the San Diego Padres.

It was another interesting evening. The staid-looking middle aged couple sitting in front of us got thrown out by Security for smoking pot!

And nothing beats ice cream in a helmet. NOTHING.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

      ( 9:42 AM ) teahouse

Yesterday I ran into Creepy Downstairs Hippie Guy Neighbor. He's in his 50s, lives with his invalid mother in the apartment below mine, and is constantly shoving handmade flyers under my door, with captions like, "Save our country; don't believe the lies about Iraq and 9/11, Down with Bush!!"

He's always trying to get me to hang out with him, and says creepy things to me. Like, "Are you a model? Wanna go get a cup of coffee sometime?"

This time he accosted me in the stairwell as I was leaving for work. "Hello, darling, do you want to come to one of our anti-war rallies this weekend? I'm staging a play and I need someone to play the merciful goddess Kwan Yin and bring her message of peace and non-aggression to the world. Would you like to do it? Did I ever ask you whether you're a model? You look like one."

"No thanks," I muttered.

This time he was not so easily deterred. He followed me into the street, shoving flyers at me and saying, "Well, if you can't make the rally, maybe we could go get a drink sometime...."

I finally got away from him by saying, "Sorry, gotta run!" and then, quite frankly, sprinting toward the subway. In high heels. Not an easy task, but I fortunately rose to the occasion.


Monday, August 23, 2004

      ( 9:20 AM ) teahouse
Red Stick

Well, I'm back again!

Geez, sounds like I've been saying a lot lately. Honestly, I'm not a jet-setter. But I have been out of town more than usual this month.

My week at home was anything but relaxing. We sold the cars, all of the furniture, donated boxes to charity, even had a garage sale and got rid of a bunch of household stuff.

My dad yelled at everyone because he was stressed. My mom sat around looking dazed and zoned out. My sister spent the whole week crying because my parents accidentally threw away some stuff she wanted to keep. That made my dad yell some more.

As the responsible lawyerly older daughter, I have to take charge of selling their house, since they have to rush abroad. That meant signing Powers of Attorney, meeting with the real estate agent and organizing papers. Little old me.

I bet Brandon and Brenda Walsh never had to deal with that. They were too busy thinking of more important matters, like how to match socks with scrunchies, or what to wear to the prom. Bastards.

Right now it's the calm before the storm. I flew up yesterday, the parents are now driving up the East Coast in a U-haul truck, and will be arriving in NYC this weekend. I have to entertain them around town next week before they fly out of JFK straight into the Rising Sun.

Plus, I think the week ahead at work will be the most stressful imaginable.

Wish me luck. The only way to get over stuff is through it.



Saturday, August 14, 2004

      ( 12:00 AM ) teahouse
The Mamma and the Pappa

My parents are going through some craziness right now. They are leaving their home in the Deep South and moving to Asia, where my dad has taken a new job.

Remember on Beverly Hills 90210, when the parents of Brandon and Brenda Walsh moved to Korea after several seasons? That's what I feel like.

So I have to take the next week off from work, head down there and help my parents pack up, sell off their furniture, and ready their house to put on the market.

It's going to be traumatic, going through my room and my old stuff, realizing that my parents are going to be half a world away.

I'll be back in a week. Wish me luck.


Friday, August 13, 2004

      ( 1:02 AM ) teahouse
You Say Gyro, I Say Gyro

I went to a Turkish restaurant for dinner last night. I ordered the lamb gyro..mmm.

I said, "Can I get the lamb gee-ro, please?" (pronounced like "gear")

The surly waitress raised an eyebrow, sighed and muttered in response, "You mean jaieee-ro?" (pronounced like "gyrate")

The last restaurant I was in, I said "jaieee-ro" and the waiter ridiculed me and said, "It's gee-ro." Then he ran off, cursing, "stupid Americans..." under his breath.

So why can't I ever get it right?


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

      ( 12:44 AM ) teahouse
Back Again

Well, I've returned. Cape May was lovely, the beach was great. It makes my desk seem so much more boring and sterile in comparison.

I don't think I got many good pictures, but will have to get them developed and then we'll see.

In the meantime, check out my new favorite site: The Movie Spoiler. I'm one of those people who don't mind going to see a movie, even if I know how it ends. It doesn't spoil the experience for me at all.

Judging from an informal poll among my friends, I think that puts me in the minority.


Friday, August 06, 2004

      ( 9:06 AM ) teahouse
On the Way to Cape May...I Fell In Love With You

Well, I'm off on another beach adventure. I'm going to this lovely town on the southern tip of the New Jersey Shore, for a much-needed long weekend. Life is too short to spend too much of August in the Big Apple.

I'll be playing this golden oldie in the car the whole way down.

Never fear; I'll be back before you know it. Next week, to be precise. 2004 has been a tough year so far, and I'm looking forward to getting away from it all. See y'all soon!


Thursday, August 05, 2004

      ( 9:13 AM ) teahouse
What a Girl Wants

This is a pretty hilarious video. I nominate it for an MTV video award. You need Quicktime, but it's worth it.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

      ( 8:51 AM ) teahouse
Orange You Sad?

I'm not liking this orange alert thing.

Most days I like to take my lunch and eat it in the atrium of Citigroup Center in midtown Manhattan. It's the 44th tallest building in the world.

Well, of course now I can't. The atrium has been closed to the public this week. All of the people who work in the building have to go through a barrage of metal detectors.

Yesterday I ate my lunch sitting on a bench in the hot sun. I was surrounded by cops and soldiers and bomb-sniffing dogs and police trucks.

I was profoundly depressed for most of the afternoon as a result.


Monday, August 02, 2004

      ( 9:20 AM ) teahouse
Hope and Possibility

Yesterday I ran the Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 Mile Run in Central Park. 5 miles through the pouring rain.

The Achilles Track Club, which sponsored this race, is dedicated to helping disabled people participate in sports all over the world. I saw war veterans running on prosthetic legs, amputees in wheelchairs, blind people being led by other runners.

With the rain, conditions were bad. At mile 2, I slipped and did something to my ankle - twisted it. It hurt. Not badly, but it slowed me down. I stopped and walked for a while, then continued to run, hobbling a bit and cursing myself. I knew I was losing a lot of time.

One of the tricks that I use often to keep going is that I focus on someone running in front of me, and I imagine that a big rubber band links us, and that the other person is pulling me forward.

I looked around and focused on a woman just ahead of me. She had short blond hair and looked to be in her early 40s. I matched my pace to hers. She "pulled" me forward for the rest of the race.

When we crossed the finish line, a couple of people ran up to her and personally congratulated her.

It was the Central Park Jogger. Yes, she was the one who pulled me across the finish line!


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