Wednesday, October 27, 2004

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What Could Have Been

Just read this article about how ATA Airlines filed for bankruptcy.

When I graduated from college, during the boom of the late 1990s, I had a job offer with ATA. I could have gone to Indianapolis to work in their strategic planning division. Exciting stuff.

I made the difficult decision to turn down this job offer to go to law school.

So is my life better now? Well, that's hard to say.

I do make more money, I wear nicer suits, and I do live in NY instead of Indianapolis (that's probably worse, since it's so expensive here and I still don't own my own home).

Then again, why does it matter where I live because I'm being sent OUT OF TOWN for work again!! Arrrggghhh.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

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Home, Sweet Home

Yeah, I'm finally home, in my own bed. Thank goodness. It's so great to be in my own place again. I'd even be glad to see my mouse, after the time away.

Reviewing a client's documents for days is no fun at all. The documents were dusty, the files were old and mildewed. My allergies were not happy.

The worst was when I opened up one really old file one afternoon, and screamed when I saw a HUMONGOUS dead cockroach, smashed between the pages. It had been there for a while. The paralegal came running, and laughed at me when I showed her.

"You think that's huge, you should have seen the one I found last week!"

Ah, what a poetic and romantic way for a cockroach to perish.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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Zooming Off

So I'm being told now that I have to go out of town again for the rest of the week, maybe longer, to do some damage control at a client's site. Ah, the perils of being a mid-level associate with some responsibility, but not much.

Posting will be sporadic until my return. The client is close enough that I have to drive, not fly. Let's hope I don't get caught in a flood again like last time.

I'll see y'all soon. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

      ( 9:22 AM ) teahouse
All's Fair in Parking

This weekend my friend R came to visit me from Washington, D.C. She told me a funny driving story.

Last week she was driving around the District of Columbia looking for a parking spot in frustration. After about 10 minutes, she spotted a great spot, drove over in front of it and turned on her turning signal in preparation to reverse into the spot.

Much to her irritation, another car came up from behind and took her spot!

She backed up so that she was even with the driver of the other car, and rolled down the window.

"Hey, you took my spot," she said calmly.

The driver, a middle-aged man, tried to avoid her gaze, but she was persistent. "That wasn't very nice!" she called out. "But I'll tell you what. I'll play you for it. Rock paper scissors, 2 out of 3."

The man looked at her incredulously, and then shrugged. "Ok."

They did it. She won 2 out of 3.

Acknowledging that he had lost fair and square, he backed out of the spot and drove away, muttering in frustration.



Thursday, October 14, 2004

      ( 9:10 AM ) teahouse

We have a new U.S. citizen.

I became a U.S. citizen when I was a teenager. I remember when my mom and dad were sworn in, and the judge gave a nice speech, and the little old ladies from the Daughters of the American Revolution came around and gave everyone a pocket Constitution.

I hope this means he'll vote in the upcoming Presidential election in November. It's gonna be close.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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Death by Stoning

I found this article very disturbing.

Why is it that there was enough evidence to convict the women to death (obviously the fact that they were pregnant indicated they HAD had extramarital sex) but not enough evidence to convict the men who fathered their children?

What gets me is how do we know that these women weren't the victims of sexual assault? Seems pretty likely they weren't the ones initiating sex with these men.

In some countries, it would appear that sex for a woman = death.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

      ( 9:09 AM ) teahouse

So remember how my bills were going unpaid last month? I'd mailed out checks, but they all got lost in the mail and I was getting Notices of overdue payments?

Well, as you all recall, I tried to rectify the situation by sending out second payments.

But miraculously, the mail got "found" again, so I ended up paying several of my bills twice.

So now I have a $300 credit on my cell phone bill, a $75 credit on my phone bill, and I've overpaid my electric bill by $80.

Who wants to come over to my place, drink beer, blare the lights and tv, and call Zimbabwe?


Monday, October 11, 2004

      ( 9:33 AM ) teahouse
Happy Columbus Day!

Today is the day we honor Christopher Columbus, who is credited with discovering the New World, but who, ironically, died thinking he'd found an alternate route to Asia.

I've always been puzzled by the history I learned in elementary school, that always discussed how the Europeans wanted to go to Asia in search of spices.

Spices? Did the Asians have better spices than the Europeans? Are we talking cumin, curry and coriander? What about soy sauce?

I don't have any of those spices in my pantry. I have salt and pepper, but that's it.

I admit to being barbarously ignorant about such culinary things. If anyone can, please enlighten me.


Friday, October 08, 2004

      ( 9:27 AM ) teahouse
Interview Don'ts

Hey everyone! Sorry for the protracted absence, as I have been in the hell that can be created only by the combination of Absent-Minded Partner and Crazy Workaholic Senior Associate (see previous entries).

There was one bright spot in my week. I was asked to interview someone for an associate position at my firm. That was interesting.

The young lady seemed very nice, poised, full of good questions about the firm, interested in the practice, etc.

Then at the end of the interview, I stood up to give her my business card. She leaned forward, grabbed the bottle of hand lotion I have on the end of my desk, slathered lotion all over her hands, and breathed, "Oh, that's so nice. My hands really needed exfoliating."

Then for the next 2 minutes, we both stood there while she rubbed her hands together, rubbed them on her face and moaned with pleasure.

It was kind of strange.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

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Important Lessons

What I learned this weekend:

Never get into a flexibility contest with a 9 year old. You will lose.

I still can't bend my left arm.


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