Tuesday, May 31, 2005

      ( 9:41 AM ) teahouse
A Memorable Weekend

This weekend was 72 hours long.

I spent about 36 of those hours asleep.

It was divine!


Friday, May 27, 2005

      ( 9:17 AM ) teahouse
World on Fire

I saw this lady in concert at Madison Square Garden earlier this week.

I love to see her sing; she's even better live than she is on her recordings.

Even though I was already feeling kind of sick, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. My throat was on fire (talk about World on Fire!), so I couldn't sing along. But it was still nice.

I'm going back to work today..must tie up some things before the long weekend.

Everyone else is going to the beach. I'm going to nurse my throat.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

      ( 10:47 AM ) teahouse
The Plague

I'm home sick from work today. Nothing sucks more than being sick.

I wonder where I caught it. Maybe the germs jumped off that woman's cell phone through the bathroom stall?


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

      ( 9:15 AM ) teahouse
Always Reachable

Yesterday morning I went to the ladies' room at work.

When I walked in, I went into a stall, sat down and suddenly realized there was a woman in the stall next to me.

I did my business, got up, flushed and walked out of the stall. This took about 45 seconds. The whole time, she made no sound.

I was at the sink washing my hands, and getting ready to leave, when suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of a cell phone ringing.

The next thing I heard was rustling from inside the stall. This woman answering her cell phone!

"Hey...what's up.....Oh, nothing much, what are you doing? Yeah, it's been a long day already...So what did he say? No kidding! Well I said..."

I dried my hands, fixed my lipstick and brushed my hair.

When I left the ladies room, she was still on her phone.

Ok, I don't know about you, but there are circumstances under which I think my friends will think it's ok if I CALL THEM BACK.


Monday, May 23, 2005

      ( 9:12 AM ) teahouse
Weekend in New York

I had one of those fun, relaxing weekends in New York. I did a lot, but I felt un-stressed and relaxed. Here's what the Boy and I did:

1. We went to a recital for a bunch of little kids. They played the violin and piano, Suzuki method.

2. He dragged me to a bar to watch two Mets/Yankees games.

3. We walked through three street fairs. I bought two gorgeous orchids for really cheap.

4. I dragged him to two open houses. A condo and a co-op on the Upper West Side. As a homeowner, he was my bad cop. He asked all of the tough questions to the realtors.

5. I dragged him to an aquarium store to look at the tropical fish, and dream of a day when I'll own a place big enough for a 40-gallon aquarium.

6. We went to mass.

7. I ran a 10K.

8. And after all of that, I lay on the couch, drank cafe au lait and read the New York Times.

Incidentally, the Boy reads this blog and doesn't like being referred to as "the Boy." He says it makes him sound young and small. He much prefers, "The Man," "The King" or better yet, "The Emperor."



Friday, May 20, 2005

      ( 8:51 AM ) teahouse
Hikari Heaven

My office is next door to a partner's office. She's an older, unmarried woman. She devoted her entire life to her career, and has no family, no children.

But she has a lot of cats. They all have special names. She talks about them a lot with her secretary. She has pictures of them all over her office.

When one of her cats got sick last month, she took a week off from work to nurse it back to health.

So she's basically a crazy old woman with a lot of cats.

Since I am allergic to cats, I've become a crazy young woman with a lot of fish.

Yesterday I had a bad day at work. So I got online and ordered lots of delectable fancy food for them.

I got them krill and blood worms and ocean plankton and yummy brine shrimp.

Yes, it's true that I'm trying to lose weight to improve my 10K running time. But dammit, my pets are eating like kings!


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

      ( 8:42 AM ) teahouse
Happy Kidneys

So everyone..just so you know, I don't really have a Hello Kitty vibrator. I was just funnin' with all of yas.

It would be too weird. If you've ever been a little Asian girl, you have too much of your cherished memories of childhood wrapped up in Hello Kitty, for it it ever become a sexual thing.

But who needs anything else when they've got the 1985 Bare Chest Man Calendar to keep them amused?

I particularly liked Mr. April.

In other news, I've been running a lot this week, gearing up for the Healthy Kidney 10K.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

      ( 9:03 AM ) teahouse
Narcotic Painkillers

I had some muscle pain last week, and my doctor put me on Vicodin.

The bottle said, "Do not operate heavy machinery while on this medication."

Which of course, begs the question.

"Does playing with my vibrator constitute operating heavy machinery?"

Light machinery, maybe.


Monday, May 16, 2005

      ( 9:01 AM ) teahouse
Too Much Opera

On Saturday I saw a performance of La Clemenza de Tito at the Metropolitan Opera House. My favorite singer of all time was in it, and I had a fabulous time.

On Sunday I had to work for the entire day. I sat at my desk for 9 hours.

I was at the office for so long, I got to listen to The Marriage of Figaro in its entirety.


I'm all opera'ed out.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

      ( 8:47 AM ) teahouse
Goodby, Mr. Chips

Professor M was one of my favorite professors in law school.

He taught Property, and he had such a way with discussing fee simple absolute, executory interests, covenants running with the land, easements, etc.

He also taught Land Use, which introduced me to the world of urban sprawl, restrictive covenants and neighbors suing each other for ugly home renovations. Boring topics, but he made them exciting and interesting.

He was the coolest professor ever. He went to high school with Elvis.

I kept in touch with him after I graduated. Everytime I see a blighted inner city or a decaying strip mall, I think of Professor M and what he would have said about the atrocious level of land use planning!

I just found out that Professor M passed away.

Rest in peace, Professor M. I'm sure there's a large room in Blackacre waiting for you up there.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

      ( 9:06 AM ) teahouse
Telltale Evidence

The other night the Boy and I were climbing the stairs to my apartment. He was right behind me.

Suddenly he gasped, "You have a hand print on your butt! Who's been grabbing it? Someone at work?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, bewildered. "Nobody at work has been grabbing my butt."

When we got to my apartment, I looked in the mirror.

Sure enough, outlined in dust on the back of my black pants, was a shape that somewhat resembled a handprint.

"I swear, nobody has been grabbing my butt!" I laughed. "Maybe I just grabbed it myself..."

The Boy looked closely at it. "Hmm..whoever it was, his hands are bigger than mine."


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

      ( 8:26 AM ) teahouse
Totally In Touch

My friend J's boyfriend and his friend are in town for the week, visiting. They're both Italian. As in, from Italy. Not Italian American.

I like them. They're sensitive, fun and sound sexy no matter what they say in English.

Oh, and they carry man purses. J says it's an Italian thing. Sleek, functional, and Italian men don't have a complex about it.

At one point while we were all together, I had a sneezing fit. One of the guys reached into his man purse and handed me a tissue.

Nice to see that they have form and function.


Friday, May 06, 2005

      ( 8:54 AM ) teahouse
Tony's Kids

Am I a sicko, or am I the only one who thinks Tony Blair's sons are kind of hot?

I don't mean the toddler, of course. I'm not that much of a sicko. I mean the oldest two. Of course, they're like 19 years old. Move over, Prince William!

(crickets chirping)

Ok, never mind. I guess I've been watching too much Primetime Live.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

      ( 8:56 AM ) teahouse
Too Close to Home

The scary thing about what happened this morning is that I live in this neighborhood, not far from the building that was targeted.

No wonder there's no traffic outside my apartment right now.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

      ( 8:48 AM ) teahouse
Show Me That You Love Me

I saw a really nice apartment yesterday. It was beautiful, in a nice neighborhood, and the building has a lovely lobby with a doorman, and a gorgeous roof deck.

And the asking price was in my price range! I couldn't believe it.

I told the realtor that I want to make an offer.

"Ok," she said. "We have to do this carefully. There are several other offers on the place. I think the owners priced it low on purpose to ignite a feeding frenzy. I say we offer $50,000 above the asking price if we want to be in running for the place."

Oh. My. Goodness.

Are we in Alice in Wonderland here?

No, Alice; we're in Manhattan. It's worse.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

      ( 12:18 AM ) teahouse
Oh Baby Just You Shut Your Mouth

Lori's post from yesterday reminded me of one night when I was in law school, and a girl hit on me.

I was with my then-boyfriend in a seedy dive bar, playing pool. This girl came up to us, and said to my boyfriend, "Your girl is HOTTT!!"

He said, "Er, thank you," and she winked at me.

Then she sidled along the pool table, her eyes never leaving me until she had walked over to the other end of the room, where the jukebox was.

She put some money in and punched the keys, and a minute later, I heard "China Girl" on the jukebox.

She danced over to me and started to sway to the music, inching closer and closer, her eyes closed, her mouth halfway open.

"Hey," she muttered.

All I could think to say back to her was, "I'm not from China."


Monday, May 02, 2005

      ( 8:30 AM ) teahouse

I've been following the story of this woman.

I was discussing it with a European friend the other night.

She said, "Americans take this wedding planning stuff too far. I know people at home who get married in civil ceremonies, or they call up the priest and make arrangements a month in advance. And maybe have a dinner at a restaurant for friends and family, but that's it. They don't book things a year in advance and they don't invite 600 people."

"And there aren't a million websites devoted to getting married, a whole multi-million dollar industry, bridezillas and crazy mother of the brides, etc. It's just unheard of. I think that's why this woman got stressed out. It was too much."

I told her that it's like that in Asia, too. Low key. My cousin got engaged last September and got married in October. When my parents got married, my Mom had one bridesmaid.

Granted, it sounds like this wedding in Georgia was particularly large and crazy, even by American standards. But I guess there's someting to be said for small weddings.


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