Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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And We're Back!

The Boy and I flew back to the Big Apple late last night.

We'd spent several lovely days on the coast of the beautiful Southeastern U.S. We attended a lovely wedding, and then stayed on for a few days and went to the beach.

It was nice. We played tennis, walked on the beach, enjoyed lots of hospitality, and since it was the off season, we didn't have to wait in line or fight any crowds.

We had plenty of low country boil food. And I am so full of hushpuppies and boiled crab, I'm pretty sure I don't have to eat for the rest of the week.

I admit that we did try to do one touristy thing - we tried to go to Paula Deen's restaurant. But we were thwarted by the long lines full of tourists like us, and we gave up in disgust.

But there was plenty of food for us to eat anyway.


Friday, November 25, 2005

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Flying South for the Winter

I'm headed out of town again for another wedding.

When did holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas become fair game for wedding invitations?

At any rate, the Boy and I are heading to a warmer climate to see my friend tie the knot.

And we're turning this trip into a mini-vacation. So I'll be gone a few extra days. Most of next week, in fact.

Everyone take care, and please feel free to have the leftover turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie in my refrigerator. What's mine is yours.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Turkey for You and Turkey for Me

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I think the Canadians have a better idea. Thanksgiving in October is nicer, and gives people more of a breather before the insanity of Christmas.

That said, we're cooking up a storm right now. The turkey is in the oven, the Sister is watching the That 70s Show marathon, the Boy is on his way over, and I'm taking a break.

Despite the fact that I live only a block from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route, we were too lazy to wake up for it. So we watched it on tv, hahaha.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This year I'm thankful for:

- my parents' happiness and health,

- my fabulous new apartment,

- my wonderful Sister who never fails to remind me to wash my hands after touching raw meat,

- my wonderful Boy who is in Chinatown right now buying last-minute groceries and utensils for our dinner, just because I asked,

- cable tv, and

- Trader Joe's chicken broth.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May you be surrounded by love today and throughout the year.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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She Is Tolerable

Due to popular demand, I finally present to you all: my thoughts on the new Pride and Prejudice.

Well, I actually liked it. Until the last 30 seconds. The last 30 seconds were anachronistically unbearable. I cringed in my seat. I gnashed my teeth and asked for the blessed end.

I have been told that we Americans were treated to a different, cheesier last 30 seconds than the Brits. Apparently we demand a Hollywood ending.

Donald Sutherland was completely miscast as Mr. Bennet. He shuffled, muttered in a now-you-hear-it British accent, rolled his eyes, drooled, and basically looked alternately like a drunkard and a stroke patient.

Judi Dench as Lady Catherine de Bourgh? Please. Am I the only person who thought she looked like Beethoven?

Otherwise, I admit I was pretty entertained.

And speaking of movies, just so you all know I'm not a TOTAL girl, I stayed up late last night watching Scarface. I had never seen it before.

Yeah, it was a little more violent than the Jane Austen movie. And the women were more scantily clad.

And there was more 80s synthesizer music.

And a lot more cocaine.

And they said the F word a lot more.

Otherwise, they were pretty similar movies.


Monday, November 21, 2005

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Growth Spurt

I've had a rather embarrassing growth spurt over the past 6 months.

For no apparent reason, my bra size has increased. Yes, I'm 30 years old and I just went up a cup size.

WTF? I haven't really gained an appreciable amount of weight. I'm definitely not pregnant. No major hormonal changes that I know of.

Last week I had to go and buy a whole bunch of new bras. It cost me a fortune. Highway robbery! Those bra manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank.

I was sooo embarrassed walking around the store. I whispered my new size to the saleslady. It sounded so outrageously big to me. Asian women like me are not supposed to have bosoms.

I hadn't been this embarrassed since my mom took me to buy my first training bra at JC Penney in 1987.

And it is a lot like being in junior high again. I've found myself slouching around and wearing baggy shirts, to hide my budding womanhood. Maybe I won't go out for anymore sports teams, lest the boys laugh at me.

Maybe I should read Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret again to relive those pre-teen memories.

I've been measured several times to confirm that I am, in fact, a new size. No doubt about it.

The funny thing about all of this is that the Boy now starts all emails to me with, "To my darling little C cup..."


Friday, November 18, 2005

      ( 7:03 AM ) teahouse
Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

It's been six months since my last confession.

I told two major lies last night.

I skipped out of work, claiming I had orchestra rehearsal.

I skipped out of orchestra rehearsal, claiming that I had to work.

In reality, I ditched both, left work early and went to see the new Pride and Prejudice with my two friends J and B, fellow definitive experts on all things P&P.

And now I'm having impure thoughts about Mr. Darcy.

I didn't think anyone could be sexier than Colin Firth. But the new guy is pretty hot.

I think I'm already being punished by waking up at 6 a.m., unable to get back to sleep even though I haven't gotten much of it this week.

This is a sign that I should do penance by running an extra mile at the gym this morning.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

      ( 12:20 AM ) teahouse
Must Be Nice

A new partner recently joined my firm. He came from another firm just a month ago, bringing his business with him and single-handedly starting a new practice group. The firm made a big fuss about his arrival.

I said to one of my fellow associates, "They're so happy he's here. He must be bringing in a lot of business."

"He is!" She confirmed. "He's doing very well. He's totally loaded."

"How do you know?" I ask. "Most partners at our firm are pretty well off."

"He's on a whole other level," she said. "This is how I know: I heard his daughter is getting married at the Mandarin Oriental on a Saturday night. In June!!"

We both stood silently for a moment, letting those facts sink in.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - this is the new litmus test for how much money somebody has - how fancy a wedding they can afford for their daughter.

My wedding will probably be at the Howard Johnson in Paramus, NJ on a Monday night in the dead of winter.

Or in front of my favorite falafel street vendor's cart on a corner of Fifth Avenue in the 40s.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

      ( 8:24 AM ) teahouse
Self Service

I had a nice weekend. I'm not excited about being back at work, but it was good to get away from the Big Apple for just a couple of days.

The Boy and I rented a car and shared a ride down the Atlantic coast with another couple.

At one point, we stopped in a gas station in Maryland. They offered to pay for gas, which was nice of them since we did all of the driving.

The girl took out her credit card. I waited for her to get out of the car, swipe it and grab the gas pump. But she sat there and kind of waved it at me for a minute.

"Ok," she admitted, after an awkward silence. "Uh, I don't know how to do this. I grew up in New Jersey."

In New Jersey, all gas stations are full service. Yes, it's illegal to pump your own gas in that state.

Am I the only person disturbed by this phenomenon? Whole generations of people growing up, without a very basic set of skills crucial for survival in our society?

I took her card, swiped it through the machine, and then showed her how to open the gas tank, lift up the lever and insert the gas pump.

She watched, fascinated.

I felt like I was teaching a kid to tie her shoelaces or something.


Friday, November 11, 2005

      ( 8:13 AM ) teahouse
Barely Legal

Because I just moved, there are still many cardboard boxes lying around my apartment that I've been unpacking slowly.

On top of that, I had some furniture delivered yesterday - a new dining room table and chairs. So that means more cardboard and packing materials to break down and recycle.

So I went to the hardware store to buy a box cutter.

I didn't realize this, but there's a big push to keep these things from teenagers. So they keep them (and the spray paint) behind the counter. And there was a sign in the store saying something about being prepared to show your i.d. if purchasing box cutters and/or spray paint.

The sales guy didn't ask me for my i.d. But he asked me why I needed it, and he gave me a suspicious, appraising look.

I passed his evaluation and got the box cutter. But I walked out of there feeling like I'd just made a drug deal.

Long Weekend

I have to go to an out-of-town wedding this weekend. I'd rather stay home, get lots of sleep and play with my new furniture, but alas, I have no choice.

Everyone be good. I'll be back before you know it.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

      ( 9:25 AM ) teahouse
Court Victory

My firm's tennis match this week was against an old rival.

During one of my matches I had to play a woman who was my arch-nemesis on a major trial I went to, 2 years ago.

I remember having to call her to get documents, trading nasty emails and letters, and general acrimony.

Our tennis match was very close. In the end, she edged me out and barely won in a harrowing tie-break.

I was annoyed.

But then I reminded myself that 2 years ago, my side won the case in court. In fact, we won in a big way, and got our total and complete victory affirmed by the Court of Appeals.

It was the (federal, non-tennis) court equivalent of winning 6-love in straight sets.

So I let her have her little tennis match.

And, as I did 2 years ago, I walked out of the court with a smile.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

      ( 9:13 AM ) teahouse
New Experiences

Over the weekend I went to my first ever baby shower.

I had to go to the brand new mega-Babies 'R Us to buy a gift off the registry for my pregnant friend K.

It was an overwhelming experience. Several floors of baby stuff - baby clothes, strollers, bottles, and lots of babies being wheeled around.

On may way up the elevator, I stood next to two new mommies. Both were pushing baby strollers and cooing to their babies.

Both were also dressed in black leater, spiky boots, and one had red-streaked hair.

One leaned over and talked to her baby, "Aren't you a cute little thing? Aren't you? Aren't you? Want your bottle? Want it, my wittle winkums?"

When she leaned over, I saw that she had a huge tattoo on her lower back, above her pants line. I think it was a black widow spider, but I was too polite to stare.

When I got the print-out of my friend K's registry, there was only one item left. So I bought it.

I called the Boy later that day.

"Uh, you and I got K a breast pump," I said. "Do you mind? There was nothing left, and I didn't know what to buy for a baby."

"Huh huh huh huh.." he grunted like a teenage boy. "You said breast.."


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

      ( 12:42 AM ) teahouse
TV Land

I finally got cable in my new apartment last week. I splurged and got digital cable. It's pretty cool. I have over 200 channels now.

The great thing about digital cable is that when you switch the channel, a little panel comes up on the screen and tells you the exact name of the show you're watching, and how long it lasts. You can even look to see what show is on next.

I'm fascinated by this. I'm used to having to guess what show was on. But this nifty little device has taken out all of the mystery!

Here are some of the actual titles I've had the pleasure of seeing in the past few days, courtesy of digital cable:

Ambush Makeover

When Surgical Tools Get Left Behind

Elephants: The Dark Side

Miami Animal Police

Valley of the T-Rex

Inside Plastic Surgery Today

Oriental Nymphos (the title popped up but the movie did not appear on the screen; it's available only on pay per view)

Yeah, it's weird how I have so many channels now..and there's still NOTHING to watch on tv.


Friday, November 04, 2005

      ( 8:31 AM ) teahouse
One-Way Track To Hell

The Sister was in town for work earlier this week, and ended up staying with me for a night.

When we met up, she told me that it had been a stressful day. Her arrival into town was late, and she was late for one of her meetings.

"The train was delayed," she explained. There was a fire on the tracks underneath it or something."

"A fire?" I said. "Hmm..wouldn't that make the train go faster?"

She just about died laughing when I said that.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

      ( 9:01 AM ) teahouse
Mommy, Wow! I'm a Big Kid Now.

I've recently discovered the joys of appliance shopping.

I looked at refrigerators, stoves and microwaves over the weekend. My beautiful new refrigerator was delivered yesterday.

When the deliverymen came, I ran down into the lobby, watched them unloading it off the truck, jumped up and down in joy, stuck my tongue out, ran around in circles, barked uncontrollably.

It was glorious!

For the past three weeks I've had to order take-out every night, throw out the leftovers, drink lukewarm beer (oh, the horrors!!).

But no more! I have actual refrigeration now. Finally, milk with my cereal. Finally, ice cream. Finally, cold pizza at 2 a.m.

When I get a new microwave, I'll just die of happiness.

When I was a kid enjoying Christmas, nobody told me that it actually does get wayy more exciting as we get older.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

      ( 7:53 AM ) teahouse
All Righty Then

I had no idea that yesterday's post would inspire so much discussion.

I think today I'll blog about much more mundane and non-controversial things. Here's a list:

1. Yesterday I had lunch with this soon-to-be-published author. Such fun! It's always a thrill to meet other bloggers in person.

2. I bought a bunch of candy, but I didn't get any trick-or-treaters. I guess I'm still too new in my building. "Stay away from that old abandoned apartment. Old woman THB lives there..don't go toward her door or she'll chase you away with a broomstick!"

3. The aged heaters in my new apartment are creaking into action with the cold weather. But it sounds like there's a little elf inside each unit, hammering away with a huge axe or anvil. It's unnerving.

4. The Boy bought himself a cheap pair of slippers in Chinatown, to leave at my place and wear around when he's over. They're appropriately hideous and covered in English words that make no sense, like all proper clothing products made in Asia. Whenever he isn't here, and I see them sitting in the corner, I grin like an idiot.

5. I can't wait to see the new movie version of Pride and Prejudice. If it's good it will be fun. If it's bad and doesn't measure up to the 1995 BBC miniseries, I'll just have a good laugh.

6. My new apartment is down the street from a big movie theater where they do premieres. Over the weekend, on the way home I had to walk through a huge crowd of people and past a red carpet surrounded by reporters. My doorman told me this is a common occurrence, and that last week Madonna was there.

7. My parents called me last night from the far away country where they live, many time zones away. My mother had an abnormal Pap smear last month, and test results came back positive for cancer. But it was detected very early, so we're optimistic. It's just hard to have her so far away.


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