Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Delirious Thoughts

Being home sick on a Tuesday with a raging fever will do weird things to your brain, and cause you to start asking yourself strange questions.

Like...if you were in The Karate Kid, where would you want to learn your craft?

The Miyagi Dojo?

or the Cobra Kai?



Monday, January 29, 2007

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Don't Cross Me

I passed my most recent belt test!

I had to break multiple wooden boards this time..I was so nervous.

But I did it on the first try!

The Boy informed me that I've officially achieved the level at which I can basically kick the ass of 90% of the population.

Such power has never before been unleashed from this puny body!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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I always think it's so hilarious when people misuse words, with hilarious results.

For example, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding this fall.

The bride set up a mail group so that all of the bridesmaids can email each other and talk about our various options for bridesmaids' dresses.

One of the other bridesmaids, whom I don't know at all, emailed everyone the other day.

She said, "Well, rather than hiring a tailor, I think we should buy pre-made dresses from XYZ Bridal. Then we can all have altercations."

I think I laughed for 10 minutes straight at her misuse of the word for having a tailor alter the dresses.

Then again, maybe she meant to say that we're all going to get into physical fights over our dress sizes.


Monday, January 22, 2007

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J'ai Pris des Photos

At last, some photos from Paris!!

Here's a view of the interior of the Musee d'Orsay, my new favorite museum.

Here's a gargoyle at the top of Notre Dame de Paris. He's presiding over his city! I did the climb up to the top of the tower. Whew, it took forever. How did Quasimodo do it on a daily basis?

Here's another aerial view of the Seine, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

I grow quickly weary of downloading photos, so I'll save some for another time. For now, au revoir!


Friday, January 19, 2007

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Super Rat

Last night I was on subway (the 1 train going north), when I happened to glance over my shoulder...

And I saw a humongous rat run past me!

Yes, it was trapped in the car with us. People in the subway car started screaming. Someone jumped onto an empty seat and shrieked.

At the next stop, I got off the subway car with a bunch of other people, with the intention of switching to the next car right in front of us.

Unfortunately, there were so many of us with that same thought, that we all ended up in a jumbled mob on the platform. The subway car doors closed on us, and we were stranded on the platform! We had to wait for the next train.

We all laughed at the irony - the rat was enjoying a nearly-empty car on his trip to the Bronx.

What an enterprising rat! Instead of running along the tracks, he'd figured out the fastest way to get where he was going.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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I See Paris, I See France

I'm back from l'Europe!

It was a lovely time. Paris is a beautiful city, with lots of lovely things to see and a great history.

Overall, I had a really great experience, and enjoyed interacting with the Parisians.

But there were also a few appalling situations that really left me taken aback.

Just to give you some background: I took French for 13 years, starting from age 6 (how many Americans can say they've studied a foreign language since they were 6 years old?). I thought I was well prepared for this trip.

But I was wrong!!

I wish that Madame Landry, Madame Barry, Madame Mouton, Dr. Wood and Monsieur Navarro (all of my French teachers through the years) had prepared me better for day-to-day Parisian situations.

Here are some things that I wish they'd taught me how to say. Actual situations that arose, through which I had to bumble my way in broken French:

1. "I don't understand how the coat check at the Louvre could have lost my coat! Are you sure you didn't accidentally give it to someone else?"

2. "It is unfair that you and your 5 friends cut in front of us in line. We have been standing here for 2 hours and what you are doing is despicable. We both know martial arts, and if you steal our tickets we will be forced to thrash you."

3. "Give back the money that you just snatched out of my hand, Mr. Waiter. I'm still trying to calculate your tip so could you please not hover over my table and grab the bills?"

4. "If the sign says the museum closes at 6, why are you blocking all of the exhibits and shooing us out now, when it's only 5:15, Mr. Security Guard?"

5. "I am trying to request a wakeup call for tomorrow. Why does nobody answer the hotel's front desk after 10 p.m.?"

6. "Why are you telling me to spend 300 Euros on another flight when you admitted that it's your fault I missed the plane? And why are you yelling at me?"

Other than those few incidents, I had a really nice time.

I especially loved the tv channels available in my room. One night it was a broadcast of violinist Gil Shaham playing the Beethoven Violin Concerto. That was followed by 4 straight hours of hard core porn.

I'll post pictures soon. Of the trip, I mean. Not the porn.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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Ohhhh..Champs Elysees....

It seems I just came back..but I'm leaving town tomorrow, and getting a jump-start on the long weekend.

Next Monday is a Federal holiday in the United States in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Therefore, many of us get a 3-day weekend.

I'm leaving tomorrow, taking Thursday and Friday off, and going quite far away.. to Europe, in fact.

I won't tell you where, but I'll give you some clues.

Franc-ly, Inspector Clousseau could probably figure it out. These holidays do tend to crepe up on us, don't they?

It's a lovely city. Lots of museums, cafes..It's sure to be a nice Seine.

Ok, ok, I will tell you the truth, as long as you promise not to beret me into it.

I'll be back in a few days!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

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All Around the Town

This weekend I did the following:

1. Watched Saddam Hussein's snuff film on YouTube (talk about disturbing!)

2. Saw this tribute to the Godfather of Soul while I was walking through Times Square (very touching):

3. Paid back my newspaper guy $3.50 for the free Sunday NY Times he gave me last week (I had been finishing a run in Central Park, so I had no cash, but he let me take a paper, saying that he knew I'd pay him back next time I saw him - and people say New Yorkers don't trust each other!)

4. Found a new coffee guy in the morning - he set up his cart in front of my apartment just a week ago, so now I can enjoy great coffee for only 75 cents a cup on my way to the subway every morning - and he's cute too!!

5. Walked around enjoying the strangely summery weather in NYC wearing a t-shirt and sandals - it was 71 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday!

6. Stuck Salonpas pads all over my aching body. I ran too hard last weekend and my feet still hurt. I'm definitely turning into one of those achey old women. I'll need a cane soon. I did some experimenting with sticking them in unmentionable places. I won't get into details, but suffiice it to say that those things aren't meant to be applied to sensitive mucosal tissue...



Thursday, January 04, 2007

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Domestic Goddess

Over the last six months, my life has changed in many more ways than I could have imagined.

The primary thing is that, upon making the jump from high-paid BigLaw lawyer to low-paid in-house lawyer, I have pretty much dropped down in socioeconomic class.

In short, I'm flat broke.

Here's a comparison between old and new.

My OLD life included the following:

1. Frequent drinks and fancy dinners on the town with my girlfriends a la Sex and the City;

2. Running on the treadmill at my fancy gym...

3. Getting nice massages and manicures at the beauty parlor.

My new life includes the following:

1. Staying in most nights with the Boy and cooking food purchased from the local Food Emporium with coupons I've clipped from the newspaper;

2. Running in Central Park because it's free; and

3. Making the Boy rub my back and feet.

In the past month, I've found, surprisingly, that I'm actually not bad at cooking! Here's a sampling of what I've been cooking up:

Here's the roast I made for Christmas dinner.

I only have a photo of the uncooked version, because the cooked version was so good we ate it all before I had time to take a picture.

Here is the plate of breaded and fried pork chops I made for dinner the other night:

And here's the whole fish I sauteed for dinner tonight:

I didn't forget to cook veggies. Here are some collard greens I made to go with the fish:

Everything was yummy. Although I probably should work on my plating and presentation. Yeah, you won't be seeing me on Top Chef anytime soon.

Speaking of which, I can't believe they didn't get rid of Marcel.. He's such an ass!

At least I can console myself with the knowledge that my fish looks better than the one on this Weight Watchers card from the 70s. Yuck!!



Monday, January 01, 2007

      ( 6:15 PM ) teahouse
A New Beginning

Happy 2007, everyone!

I had a nice New Year's Eve. I played hostess with the mostest and had some musician friends over to my place for an evening of chamber music, followed by a night of heavy drinking and carousing.

I made a huge pot of chili, and we ate and drank and hung out and watched this poor man on tv.

I admire Dick Clark's ability to recover from his stroke and still host the New Year's Eve show. But it's still a little painful to watch him struggle in front of the camera with impaired speech after all these years. Isn't he rich enough to retire yet?

But last night was fun. And if you had stood in the hallway outside my apartment right before midnight, you would have heard the raucous strains of Shostakovich's 8th String Quartet interspersed with the sound of fireworks and Auld Lang Syne.

Good times.


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