Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There's minimal over-commercialization - it's all about getting together with loved ones and EATING.

This year, I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of lactose intolerant family members.

The Sister has it so badly, she can't even ingest pancakes with trace amounts of milk powder in them. If there's any milk around, she and the Husband are constantly running to the bathroom.

Therefore, I'll be working with soy creamer, soy butter and lots of non-dairy cream cheese.

And for dessert, we'll have plenty of Tofutti Cuties!

I don't know how I escaped the Asian curse of lactose intolerance. I'm a mutant. And honestly, I'm going to miss the dairy this year.

Just for kicks, I bought myself a pint of Haagen Dazs to eat in front of them. Yum!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 24, 2008

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That's What Weekends Were Made For, Fun

Over the weekend the Husband and I went to visit his mother.

My mother in law complained about the groceries we brought her, talked about how unappreciative and rotten her son is, nagged again that she's bored living alone and would rather move in with us, told us that she's sure we can't wait until she's dead so we can get our hands on her money, and told me that I've gotten fat since the wedding.

Afterward, the Husband and I agreed that the visit had gone better than usual.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Bad Day

Today was a really bad day.

At work I had to spend 3 hours mediating a catfight between two secretaries. Both were crying and yelling at each other.

I spent another hour on the phone with my insurance company, dealing with a surly woman who couldn't explain to me why a recent claim had been denied.

Then I went to tae kwon do after work, and got punched in the right breast while sparring with an over-eager guy during class. Talk about the PAIN!

But the whole day looked brighter when I was walking home after class and got a good laugh.

As I crossed 72nd St, a huge black SUV came roaring up the block and to a screeching halt in front of me.

Four tough looking men jumped out. Each of them had huge bulging biceps, dark glasses looked like a person who could kick the crap out of anybody. They looked like a cross between Secret Service agents and dance club bouncers.

I jumped back to let them rush past me.

As they ran past, I heard one of them exclaim, "Man, I'm so glad we're stopping for Pinkberry!"

The others grunted in assent, and the entire group hurried into the store.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Last night I was walking home from work, when I passed a crowd of protesters in front of the Mormon Church.

I'd heard that there were nationwide protests planned over California's Proposition 8.

As I walked by, I saw that the protest was winding down and the crowd was dissipating.

But then I heard someone call my name. It was one of the Husband's friends, W. He introduced me to C, his boyfriend, whom I'd never met before.

We stood on the corner and talked for about 5 minutes. The whole time, C looked impatient and angry, and instead of joining in our conversation, alternately shot W annoyed looks, looked away and glared at me with open hostility.

I wondered if C was in a hurry to get somewhere, or if I'd made a bad first impression. I tried to talk to him, but he pointedly ignored me.

I said good-by to both of them, and headed home.

Once home, I saw the Husband and mentioned that I'd run into W and his boyfriend C.

"So you met W's boyfriend!" said the Husband. "None of us have met him yet. What was he like?"

I replied that C hadn't been very friendly to me.

"Well, maybe he's just reserved," said the Husband. "We should all hang out sometime and get to know him better."

Then I turned on the tv and saw a reporter covering the protest. She showed footage that had been recorded earlier in the day, of protesters in the street.

To my astonishment, I saw C on the tv screen. Yes, C, the surly guy I'd just met!

"This is C, who is here protesting today!" said the reporter. "How do you feel, C?"

C was smiling, glowing and radiant. "We won't give up!" he cried. "To see the support of so many people, and all of our friends here with us, I feel so much love for everyone here. And if we keep fighting, justice and equality will prevail!"

"Wait, that's W's surly boyfriend you just met?" asked the Husband. "But he looks so happy!"

Yes, apparently he was happy for the whole day, leading up to when he met me and I destroyed his good mood.

So yeah, now I have a total complex that my friend's boyfriend hates me.


Monday, November 10, 2008

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Racial Profiling

One day last week I left work early. Leaving my office, I made my way to a bus stop to catch a bus home.

The bus stop was on a busy corner on Sixth Avenue. Catching a bus on that particular corner is great for me, as the bus goes straight uptown and eventually to the Upper West Side, dropping me off very close to my apartment.

As I approached the bus stop, I noticed something unusual - there were 8 people sitting at the stop, and all of them were Asian!

This is so cool, I thought as I joined the line. 9 people waiting for a bus, and all of them Asian! What are the chances?

A minute later, a bus pulled up.

I read the sign on the side of the bus - it was going to Flushing, Queens. Not the right bus for me.

Flushing is the home of a very large Asian American population in New York City. So to nobody's surprise, every one of the other 8 people got onto the bus, one by one, until I was the only person left standing at the bus stop.

But the bus didn't leave. It waited there for a few moments.

Then I realized that the bus driver was staring pointedly at me.

He looked confused that I was still standing there, and hadn't jumped up and boarded the bus along with the other Asians who were going to Flushing.

As we made eye contact, he picked up his intercom receiver and announced, slowly and pointedly, "This is the bus to Flushing. I repeat. The bus to Flushing."

The whole time he was still looking at me. I took pity on him and shook my head. He shrugged, closed the bus doors and drove off.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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A New Day

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days, wouldn't you say?

I spent last night at a party, rallying and biting my nails. And ultimately cheering and crying.

Words can't describe the excitement and enthusiasm that surrounded me last night, and the relief and joy I felt at the end of a long and hard-fought campaign between two very worthy candidates - two wonderful and accomplished men for whom I have the utmost admiration.

Around 11 p.m., 3 thoughts ran through my head.

Thought #1: I'm so glad this is over and I can get on with my life!

Thought #2: I will (God willing) tell my children, "You were born during the Obama Administration."

Thought #3: I like the sound of that.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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Erection Day

Hey, everyone..don't forget to vote!

The Husband and I will be spending the day poll watching for a local non-profit, making sure that Asian Americans aren't treated badly at the polls.

If I catch anyone discriminating against any of my peeps, I might be tempted to deliver a roundhouse kick to their shins.

Happy voting!


Monday, November 03, 2008

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Easy Come, Easy Go

This weekend I went to watch some friends run in the New York City Marathon.

It was, as always, a very fun experience.

At one point while waiting for my friends to run by, I heard someone screaming my name.

It was a guy who was running. He was a college classmate I hadn't seen in eight years, and who now lives somewhere on the West Coast.

He saw me first. When I heard him yell my name, then realized who it was and waved in surprise, he jumped out of the crowd, came over and gave me a hug, took a couple of photos with me and then ran off, yelling behind him that he was glad to see me and we'd catch up soon!

This entire exchange took about 20 seconds.

He was always a social butterfly in college!



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